In 2009, whilst at Plymouth University a student at Plymouth College of Art asked me to sit nude for my portrait. She asked me if I worked out because I had good muscle tone so I explained it was because of my Cerebral Palsy. Since then I have been a life model so I want to give you notice, although these photographs here, are in no way pornographic or rarely full frontal, these pictures are mostly nude and so I must give you a nudity warning. I was the first disabled person to do a Contemporary dance BA degree at Plymouth University and I graduated in September 2013, so this page – blog may contain the occasional dance post. I find people / artists don’t interact with me because they are afraid, challenged or shocked by my disability but I’m easy to work with. If you want to ask any questions or just chat email me or add disabledkevin on Facebook + twitter and please don’t worry I never message endlessly! Kevin